​​​​​​​Selected Articles

Essay, “Kinuyo Tanaka’s The Eternal Breasts (Chibusa yo eien nare, 1955),” Senses of Cinema 86 (March 2018)

Article, Great Directors Essay on “Chantal Akerman,” Senses of Cinema 86 (February 2018) 

Essay, “Girlhood in Reverse: Jane Campion’s Two Friends,” Senses of Cinema 84 (September 2017)

Essay, ”Pre-Code Women: Dorothy Arzner’s Working Girls (1931),” Senses of Cinema 82 (February 2017)

Essay, “Two Ordinary People, One Special Day,” Senses of Cinema 81 (January 2017) Article, “Consuming the Apocalypse, Marketing Bunker Materiality,” Quarterly Review of Film and Video, March 17, 2016.

Article, “Stella Dallas: The Female Hero in the Maternal Melodrama,” Senses of Cinema 78, March 2016.

"Sex Radical Cinema by Carol Siegel,” (Review) Choice May 2016.

The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul by Gina Freitag and André 
Loiselle, eds.” (Review) Choice April 2016.

Borderland Films: American Cinema, Mexico, and Canada During the Progressive Era by Dominique Brégent-Heald,” (Review) Choice March 2016.

The Classical Mexican Cinema: The Poetics of the Exceptional Golden Age Films by Charles Ramirez Berg,” (Review) Choice January 2016.

Ten Arab Filmmakers: Political Dissent and Social Critique by Josef Gugler, ed.” (Review), Choice December 2015.

Sounding the Modern Woman: The Songstress in Chinese Cinema by Jean Ma,”(Review) Choice December 2015.

Latin American Cinema by Stephen M. Hart,” (Review) Choice November 2015.

New Voices in Arab Cinema by Roy Armes,” (Review) Choice August 2015.

Fiery Cinema: The Emergence of an Affective Medium in China, 1915-1945 by 
Weihong Bao,” (Review) Choice August 2015.

Lois Weber in Early Hollywood by Shelley Stamp,” (Review) Choice August 2015.

Critical Approaches to the Films of Robert Rodriguez by Frederick Luis Aldama, 
ed.” (Review) Choice August 2015.

Recycled Stars: Female Film Stardom in the Age of Television and Video by Mary R. Desjardins,” (Review) Choice July 2015.

Women’s Cinema, World Cinema: Projecting Contemporary Feminisms by Patricia White,” (Review) Choice June 2015.

"Magnolia : A Savage Attack on Masculinity and Whiteness," Senses of Cinema 74 (February, 2015).

"Bottled Up: The Treacherous Terrain of Poverty, Family, and Love," Film International June 1, 2014.

"Female Sexual Pleasure Unpunished in Bright Days Ahead," Film International May 14, 2014.

The Phantom of Liberty,” Senses of Cinema 70 (March 2014). 

“Surviving the Monster Mom: Child’s Pose,”Film International March 17, 2014.

The Narcissistic Sociopathology of Gender: Craig’s Wife and The Hitch-Hiker, Part 1, Film International March 2, 2014; and Part 2 March 9, 2014.

“Yayoi Kusama: The Orgy of Self-Obliteration,” Film International October 18, 2013.

“Reconsidering The Landscape of the Homoerotic Body in Claire Denis’s Beau Travail,” Film International September 10th, 2013.

“Alice Guy’s La Vie du Christ: A Feminist Vision of the Christ Tale,” Film International September 3, 2013.

“Life with Betty White: Performing the Authentic Proto-Feminist in Pioneering Early Television,” Film International August 6, 2013.

“The Politics of Critical Reception and the Marxist Feminist Sublime in Carlos Reygadas’ Post Tenebras Lux,” Film International July 8, 2013.

“Family Friendly Torture Porn,” Film International April 14, 2013.

“The Dialogics of Sisterly Advice in The Boarding School,” rpt. in The Norton Critical Edition of The Coquette and The Boarding School by Hannah Webster Foster; Jennifer Harris and Bryan Waterman, eds. New York: Norton, 2013: 402-408.


“Fifties Hysteria Returns: Doomsday Prepping in a Culture of Fear, Death, and Automatic Weapons,” Film International January 2, 2013.

“Capitalism Eats Itself: Gluttony and Coprophagia from Hoarders to La Grande Bouffe,” Film International September 4th, 2012.

"A Man Escaped by Robert Bresson (Review), Senses of Cinema 62 (March 2012).

“Embracing The Apocalypse: A World Without People,” Film International August 21, 2012.

“Subverting Capitalism and Blind Faith: Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs,” Film International July 29, 2012.

No Fear, No Die by Claire Denis,” Senses of Cinema 63 (July, 2012).

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La Ciénaga by Lucrecia Martel” Senses of Cinema 60 (2011).

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My Son John and The Red Scare in Hollywood,” Senses of Cinema 51 (2009).

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“Troping the Body: Etiquette Texts and Performance,” Text and Performance Quarterly 13.1 (January 1993): 79-96. 

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